Current economic crisis, which caused a global depression, has hit emerging markets with great force. The world has changed.


Consumers don’t behave as we expect them to behave, thus we need to radically change the ways we communicate with them and market our products.


Marketing of authenticity is a new approach to communication. Authenticity is communication element that makes consumer believe in what they hear, read and see.


Trust and confidence is what sells the best in times of trouble and doubts.


Kontakt-Expert's perspective on Communication strategy 


The dynamics of a brand is determined by the communication strategy that sets the focus of communication within the framework of time and space. The strategy determines the form of the messages (the carriers and the "language") as well as the channels through which they will get to the attention of the consumers.


Specification of the communication strategy at the level of actions and budgets is called a marketing plan. Marketing plans created by the specialists of Kontakt-Expert are thoroughly worked out not only in the area of media channels but also in what concerns reputation building instruments.