Creative Solutions and Media Strategy

Advertising rates in Russia are currently rising despite a decline in advertising efficiency. A good creative solution is becoming all the more important considering financial risks. Although creativity has been traditionally considered an area that is not conducive to objective appraisal, evaluation and forecast, it is still possible to minimize risks in the commercial art sphere. Satisfactory results could be achieved by running a bid among creative advertising agencies and choosing the best advertising materials on the basis of consumer opinion and the company’s marketing communications strategy.


An advertising bid will provide you with a clear and easy-to-remember product image concept created in compliance with your company’s marketing communications strategy.

An important note: Advertising does not have to please the consumer; it should be easy-to-remember and stir up emotions.


After choosing information channels for brand communication, you will have to make decisions on advertising time, frequency, duration, and type of media (e.g. broadcast advertising, print advertising, promotions, etc.). To ensure that you pay for marketing communications aimed at your target consumer group, and not at anyone else, you will need the services of an advertising agency which will analyze your consumers’ media preferences and suggest the best timing, media choice and advertising frequency for each channel. However, advertising agencies do not have equal media access. Therefore, after developing a media plan, you should distribute it among several media agencies. The plan or brief should be well defined, so that you won’t have to compare apples with oranges or 100 billboards with ten 30-second commercials. As a result, you may have to divide your budget between several advertising agencies in order to get good prices for different media advertising.


A media bid will provide you with the best media coverage within a fixed budget.


Having a good idea is not a guarantee of success. Implementation of your ideas in the final advertising products may cause frustration due to the high costs of shooting, editing, and endless revisions and changes. Production bids will help avoid the idealism of artists demanding the most expensive equipment and the most well-known professionals to do the work.


A production tender will allow you to allocate your production budget in the most efficient way.