Gregory Troussov speech in Israel

The Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce and the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel

September, 19,20


Marketing of Authenticity

Global recession has posed a challenge to traditional marketing thinking. The consumers think differently, act differently and, certainly, buy differently. Old marketing ways are not working as efficiently or, sometimes, at all. Traditional research, run-of-the-mill strategies and even most creative advertising are simply not delivering the results companies expect. The lecture will highlight changes in the consumer’s mind and propose the effective new marketing instruments to better understand and communicate to clients.  The set of new marketing approaches can be generally called “Marketing of Authenticity”, as they all deal with presenting the marketing information in a “real” or “authentic” way.


Marketing in Russia

- Consumer behavior and Russian mentality: what people just buy and what needs to be sold
- Consumer mythology. Cultural influence on purchase decisions.
- What marketing instruments work in Russia. Examples of successful campaigns.  
- Communication channels’ effectiveness in Russia. 


Lecturer: Gregory Troussov

Date: September, 19,20