New Media


The New Media is the new communicational environment. Being the part of the global marketing strategy it gives the opportunity to bring the key message to the target audiences in maximum straightforward way and in ultimate short time.  Unlike advertising where contact cost isn't high only in comparison with audience coverage, the New Media tools allow to set criteria of the target audience accurately and to project the information on demanded audience, bypassing non-target users. Besides, the New Media have more interactive features and gaming contact with the audience.

Most of the activities of the New Media are concentrated in the Internet environment, but there are also areas of the New Media, which allow transfer activity in the off-line. The most demanded and popular tools of the New Media include:

- establishment of communication platforms for brands on popular Internet resources (Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, Vkontakte, etc.);
- SM-monitoring;
- Creation and promotion of viral videos on the Internet;
- Creation and promotion of video-casts, podcasts, game content;
- Wiki-optimization;
- organization of interactive flash mobs, crowdsourcing, etc.;
- use of Augmented Reality, QR-Code, ARG, etc. in marketing promotion.


We offer:

1.     Strategy

We ready to work out of the full strategy of presence of the Client in the New Media, including the analysis of current situation, business and communicational objectives, ways of their achievement, criteria of efficiency.


2.     Communities

We offer the creation and full support of the communities of fans and “brand lawyers” on social networks (Vkontakte, LiveJournal, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), as well as creation and support of the stand-alone communities.


3.     Blogs

Organization of the events for bloggers of any complexity (incl. screenplay and realization)


4.     Blogger Relations

-        Tours, followed by the appearance of reviews on the Internet;

-        Meetings with representatives of the Client;

-        Other special events;

-        Organization of the events for bloggers of any complexity (incl. screenplay and realization)


5.     Monitoring

We offer monitoring of the New Media, which allows to identify 100% of messages about the Client.

We use four search engines and manual selection, which allows us to do representative monitoring.

As part of monitoring, we offer detailed analytics, containing conclusions and recommendations.
Monitoring can be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


6.     CRM

On the basis of monitoring, we offer a strategy of responding on the comments, which allows, on the one hand, to reduce the proportion of negatives about the Client and, on the other hand, to make sales in the form of content recommendations.

7. Special projects

We are ready to organize special projects of any complexity on any Internet site.
Here we offer a full cycle: from media planning and selection of sites for the special project to the realization and management processes.

 8. Viral video

We offer the production of viral video (video that the user watches and sends to a large number of his friends and acquaintances).
We offer:
    * Screenplay;
    * Shooting of any complexity;
    * Post-production;
    * “Seeding” of the video.

9. Seeding

We offer the best context-sensitive and effective seeding of information about the Client in a pool of relevant communities.
Target audience does not just see the information but is involved in it.

 10. UG-contests

We offer organization of contests, enabling users to create content on the company and brand. As a result, the brand not only receives a large number of contacts and interest from users, but also shows its openness and commitment to customers.

 11. Wikipedia-optimization

We offer optimization/creation of pages with information about the company in Wikipedia.
In addition, we propose the optimization of content on thematically linked pages in order to increase the number of mentions of the company and brands.

 12. New Media in HR 

We offer a mix of the New Media solutions in the field of HR:
    * Integration of the New Media in the Intranet;
    * Creation of corporate social networks;
    * Life tracking of candidates;
    * Relationship with the staff communities.

 13. Trend spotting 

We offer the tracking of key trends for your industry through a careful analysis of what your customers, competitors, opinion leaders say, write and think.
With trend spotting you can always anticipate what will happen with your product, your industry, your customers and competitors in the nearest future.

14. Trainings 

We offer trainings on the New Media for employees of marketing, advertising and PR departments.
Trainings are conducted in the format of the mix of theory and practice, helping to immediately test their knowledge.
Trainings are conducted in 4, 8 and 16-hours formats.
Trainees receive the key skills of the New Media work and campaign planning.

15. Mobile Phone Apps 

We propose the creation of applications for mobile phones (AppStore, OVI, Android).
Users spend more time in contact with their mobile phones and applications in them nowadays. Creation of  branded application allows to reach large number of contacts of users with the brand.

16. Promotional applications for social networks 

We offer the creation of promotional applications for social networks like Facebook and VKontakte.
Promotional application is a branded promotional page that is embedded in a social network.
Each user can become a member of the application and invite their friends and acquaintances. Users are able to interact with the brand and their friends from social networks.